One Generation Peace Coalition

A movement to create a world of peace and love in One Generation

BE the One Generation


Over the coming days and weeks, OGPC will be releasing short audios and videos where we dive into a topic that’s at the forefront. These are little gems of thoughts and wisdom that we hope will inspire you to live from a place of love, purpose, and freedom. Watch the first few videos here and please feel free to share them from our Facebook page if you feel called to spread the word!


Peace in One Generation?

Yes! That is exactly what the amazing VISIONARY, Annie S. Anderson, is here to accomplish during her lifetime. She's releasing these audio gems...more like GOLD in my humble opinion...as she rapidly builds the 'One Generation Peace Coalition'.

It's an honor to be a witness to her Brilliant visionary capacity, her desire to truly transform our world and create a global movement that has the capacity to save lives in deep and profound ways.

Take a listen, follow her and share this audio if you feel inspired to spread teachings of #peace or know anyone who would benefit from her vision. AMEN!
Marilyn Rodriguez
Feminine Grace Mastery

How to Get Involved

Roundtable for Peace

The Roundtable Peace Summit is a mastermind of visionaries and leaders dedicated to being the One Generation. We meet 4 times per year to share, teach, brainstorm and create the vision for making a positive impact.


Youth Workshops

The goal of the Redesign Your Inner Landscape Workshop is to support youth in becoming all of who they are, to help them stand in their full innate power and live their lives from a sense of purpose, love and freedom.

Leadership Academy

My mission, my vision – my entire reason for BEING – is to create a rising of powerful, amazing, rockstar visionaries like myself who lead, teach and mentor young adults into becoming all of who they are.

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