Sponsor a Youth

Help a disadvantaged you take the Workshop

BE the One Generation

Sponsor a youth (or two!) to take the “MAKING A POSITIVE IMPACT THROUGH LOVE, PURPOSE AND FREEDOM” workshop put on by One Generation Peace Project and me, Annie S. Anderson. You can sponsor up to 3 teens for $30 each. The workshops are free for teens and your donation provides workbooks, journals, markers, pens, paper, snacks, etc. during the workshop.

What do teens learn in the workshop?

The workshop consists of the exploration of 3 questions:
  1. Who am I?
  2. Where do I belong?
  3. What do I contribute?
And it is designed to help empower teens and redesign their inner landscape with love, peace and purpose. Teaching them a new way to BE in the world. We teach them foundational life skills, how to move beyond trauma, give them validation and permission and empower them to create from a space of purpose, truth and love.
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